Zenfolio | JCarchidi | Temporary Landscapes: A Tale Of Two Icons

Within a few weeks, downtown Orlando lost two noted icons to urban renewal. The antique Baldwin locomotive, known as the Orange Blossom Special, was removed in January to make way for a new Sunrail station. In March, the Amway Arena was imploded to make way for a new mixed use project focused on the digital media industry.
Both the train and the arena had been symbols of the city for decades, yet fell victim to disrepair and neglect as progress and priority left them behind.
This series shows the aftermath of the arena implosion against the decaying train. Wide views of twisted metal and rubble give way to details of rusted metal and weathered paint. There is beauty in the details of destruction just as there is loss created by the actions of progress.
We strive to gain, but we often forget to appreciate what we already have.