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This collection represents nearly 10 years of concert photography and the most important series of work I have achieved.
Dealing with limitations in time, space and lighting forced me to think on my feet and edit while shooting. It redefined how I compose an image and evolved my perception of a portrait.
It was not enough for me to document what was happening on stage - I wanted to capture the humanity of the performance. Rather than hold the shutter button down and take everything in one clumsy burst, I searched for moments that made the best impression. I strained to see the people who existed beneath the lights and the choreography.

Not all of the shows I covered are represented, just my favorite images. Click on images for caption information.
BB King 12/28/02Kirk Hammett (Metallica) 7/15/03Willie Nelson 3/7/04Britney Spears 3/29/04Buddy Guy 4/2/04Steven Tyler (Aerosmith) 4/5/04Bloom, Florida Music Festival, 2004Todd Rundgren 5/19/04The Darkness 6/7/04The Cure 7/25/04The Raveonettes  8/25/04The Cramps 10/3/04Mike Ness (Social Distortion) 10/7/04REM, Vote For Change, 10/8/04Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Vote For Change, 10/8/04Kim Deal (The Pixies) 10/10/04The Melvins 10/14/04Ministry 10/31/04Jimmy Buffet 11/23/04Slash (Velvet Revolver) 12/8/04